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If the thought of confrontation makes you want to

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Stop Avoiding Conflict and
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Look, nobody likes confrontation. In fact we’d all prefer a world of win-win situations where everybody ends up holding hands and singing Kumbaya. But unless you manage robots instead of people, some conflict comes with the job.

And when it does, you have a choice. You can back away, avoid setting limits and boundaries and end up covered in footprints because your people walk all over you. Or you can learn how to deal with conflict the right way -- firmly, fairly and consistently -- without being either a marshmallow or an authoritarian jerk.

If that sounds good, read on. Because I can help you do exactly that (and a whole bunch of other things that will make your job as a manager or supervisor easier – and a lot more satisfying).


You Could be Sleeping with a Sociopath . .

 and Not Even Know It


You’ll discover proven techniques for dealing with nearly every potential conflict situation, from “ordinary” employees with ordinary issues all the way up to sociopaths who can put your career at risk.


Mental health experts estimate 4% (1 out of every 25 people) is a sociopath. That means there's nearly a 100% you know one. Problem is that they're so hard to identify because they're MASTERS of deception.


You could be living beside, working with, or even married to a sociopath and not even know it.  


That's why we've just released my NEW "Assertiveness Skills for Managers" DVD training program.


In these DVD's, I'll show you the signs to look for.


Plus, you can get your hands on all this career-changing -- even life-changing -- information and soak it up for a full month before you decide whether you want to purchase it.



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Your Employees are Evaluating YOU


How many times have you

• bitten your tongue rather than call out an employee you heard being rude?

• made believe you didn’t notice another one updating her Facebook page while work piled up on her desk?

• taken on extra work to make up for the fact that another employee was out AGAIN because his allergies had “kinda acted up”?

And every time something like that happens you feel angry – at your employees for sure but even more at yourself. Especially when you realize those employees know full well they’re taking advantage of you – they just expect to get away with it.

But even though it makes your stomach hurt, you don’t say anything because you’d really rather get through the day without any confrontations.


Weenies Never Win


Problem is, every time you shy away from conflict like that, your employees are watching and coming to the well-justified conclusion that you’re what the older ones call a softie and the younger call a “wuss” or a weenie. And trust me, none of those names is complimentary.

Remember Where Nice Guys Finish?


Bottom line? When you DO finally speak out, they feel entitled to question your authority and make unreasonable demands. All of which can turn the smallest correction into the kind of confrontation drama you’ve been working so hard to avoid.

In fact, your efforts to avoid conflict will actually make the situation worse when it inevitably boils over. Sad to say, it’s what you get for trying to be Mr. or Ms. Nice Guy!


Managers Have to be Firm - without

Being a Jerk

That doesn’t mean you need to be nasty or rude or heavy-handed. Confident and professional will do just fine, and my informative and enjoyable DVDs will show you how to meet that high standard every single time.

Plus we’ll look at

• the most common personality types you’ll need to deal with

• the components of a successful assertive approach to management

the importance of healthy boundaries and

• how to up your game and go from successful management to true leadership.


This is solid, research-proven information gathered from the disciplines of management, sociology and psychology -- but I’m giving it to you in clear, concrete, use-it-right-now language with real-world examples I’m sure you’ll recognize. You’ll receive this comprehensive course on five DVDs and a full study guide to follow along.



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Does it Work? You Decide


Assertive managers – unlike marshmallows or authoritarian jerks – are prepared to deal effectively with all kinds of employees. They know how to prevent explosions by setting expectations for employees who truly don’t know they’re causing trouble, and by setting boundaries for the ones who know exactly what game they’re trying to play.

Assertive managers know that conflict is an unavoidable part of their relationship with the people who report to them. But they also know – and you will, too, after watching this new program – how to manage conflict to make sure you win, which means getting what you want while maintaining the respect and loyalty of your people.


When you’ve finished watching  – you’ll have the tools and the confidence – you need to take control and create an environment where people work hard, behave well and actually enjoy being part of the team.



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