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Team that Runs Like a Well Oiled Machine?


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The Amazing Thing, Of Course, Is The Speed At Which This System 30 Years In The Making Will Make Your Job Easier and Eliminate Stress from Your Life. Now is the Time to Learn How to Tame the 3 Personalities that Make Managers Go Prematurely Gray, Get the Best From Even Your Worst Employees, and Learn the Right Way to Get What You Want!


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Dear Manager:
If you want the RESPECT you deserve and to get people to do what you want them to do, then lock the door, take the phone off the hook, kick off your shoes, and get comfortable...

. . . because this could be the most important letter you will ever read.
"Assertiveness Skills for Managers" that will help you manage with more confidence and greater authority. 

Here's just SOME of what you'll get:
How to create a positive environment where everyone behaves and enjoys being part of the team


  Sample Power-Phrases and Comebacks that communicate boundaries so clear that people don't even THINK about crossing them


My Entire Assertiveness Skills for Managers Course — tweaked and refined after 30 years in management and including techniques used by over 100,000 companies that have attended my seminars.


This is just some of what you'll get in the Assertiveness Skills for Managers course — complete with examples that show you EXACTLY how to respond to all forms of problem behavior including:

- Arguing
- Backtalk
- Bad Attitudes
- Bullying
- Defiance
- Disrespect
- Challenging your authority
- Manipulation
- Whining
- And More

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If You've Been in Management for Less than 5 Years...


You'll discover how to get the results you want once and for all thanks to these powerful ways to manage with more confidence and greater authority.

You'll put an end to your employees — and even your KIDS — disrespecting your authority, and have both eagerly asking for your guidance.


If You've Been in Management for More Than 5 Years...

You'll be able to re-educate difficult employees. Yes you could just fire them, but your company has sunk a lot into training them. It will cost you $3,500 MINIMUM to lose one employee.

If you can be the Agent of Change who ushers in a Massive Tidal Wave of Attitude Adjustments so that everyone is respectful to and cooperative with You and their Coworkers — it will be a real boost to your career.
 I know this sounds like a lot of hype and you're probably skeptical right now. 
But if you suspend your skepticism and keep reading every single word of this message, you will discover how to follow in the footsteps of the Elite Managers and Leaders who have been able to erase the evils of dealing with people such as:


  • Ambush

  • Arguing

  • Backtalk

  • Back stabbing

  • Bad Attitudes

  • Bullying

  • Challenging your authority

  • Defiance

  • Disrespecting your authority

  • Drama, Drama, Drama

  • Gossiping

  • Manipulation

  •  Mutinies

  • Revenge

  • Sabotage

  • Sarcasm

  • Ultimatums

  • Violating personal boundaries

  • Whining

  •  And other Toxic behavior


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No Other System Has a Track Record of

Making Ordinary Managers So Successful, Relaxed and Happy


This innovative material has been used successfully for over 30 years by managers and supervisors like you. It has given thousand of managers an almost "Unfair" advantage so that they're are no longer beholden to their employees. 
You can be slaughtered in the New Workforce by NOT KNOWING HOW TO SYSTEMATICALLY, efficiently, communicate your exact expectations to your employees in today's multi-generational workforce.

If you're willing to be honest and admit that you could be a little more assertive, it's time to introduce you to


The Assertiveness Skills for Managers Course


Complete with Examples and Techniques to Have Those Difficult Conversations and Deal with Uncomfortable Situations with All Generations Including Generation Y, Gen X, and Baby Boomers.

Assertiveness Skills for Managers was created to help regular managers without a degree in Management or Psychology handle deviant behavior and turn around difficult people - quickly and easily.
Management success doesn't depend on extravagant game plans.  You need a simple path to understanding people and personality types that makes supervising people more pleasant, rewarding and fun.
Assertiveness Skills for Managers will show you how to attack the behavior, not the person.  That is because true management mastery does depend on powerful, well-crafted, communication skills — a tried and true system — rooted in common sense. 
It cuts out all the classroom theories that don't work in the real world, and provides a simple tools and strategies that are the solid foundation for effective management with profound competitive advantage.


Think of Assertiveness Skills for Managers as a Complete, Transformational Psychology Department in a Box

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There are 6 main, Insanity Saving components in Assertiveness Skills for Managers:


Insanity Saving Component #1 For  Wusses, Weenies &  Softies

How many times have you


 bitten your tongue rather than call out an employee you heard being rude to a coworker?


 made believe you did not notice another on Facebook while work piled up on her desk?


taken on extra work to make up for the fact that another employee was out AGAIN because his allergies kinda acted up?



And every time something like that happens you feel angry — at your employees for sure but even more at yourself.  Especially when you realize those employees know full well they are taking advantage of you — they just expect to get away with it.


Problem is, every time you shy away from conflict like that, your employees are watching and coming to the well-justified conclusion that you are a doormat they can walk all over.


Bottom line? When you DO finally speak out, they feel entitled to question your authority and make unreasonable demands. All of which can turn the smallest correction into the kind of drama you have been working so hard to avoid.


In fact, your efforts to avoid conflict will actually make the situation worse when it inevitably boils over. Sad to say, its what you get for trying to be Mr. Nice Guy!


That does not mean you need to be nasty or rude or heavy-handed. Confident and professional will do just fine, and my all new Assertiveness Skills for Managers DVDs will show you how to meet that high standard every single time.


I share strategies in Assertiveness Skills for Managers that fly in the face of traditional methods.  These are strategies I have employed for 100's of different industries in my 30 year career, so you will get many a-ha moments for your company.


Insanity Saving Component #2 For the Authoritarian Who's Like a Bull in a China Shop  The day you became a manager, you were given a substantial amount of power.  How you handle it determines whether or not you succeed.  Brandish it like a sword in the hand of a crazy person drunk on power and you will run people off.  Lets face it.  Some people just say things in a way that makes people want to hurt them.  You have to be Firm, Fair and Consistent — BUT you have to do it in a way that does not demoralize people.  You have to know how to Firm and Assertive WITHOUT being a Jerk.  Assertiveness Skills for Managers will show you EXACTLY how to do that.


Insanity Saving Component #3 For Baby Boomer and Gen X Managers Having a Hard Time Communicating with Generation Y Managing is difficult enough when everyone is on the same page.  But these days, it often feels like everyone is not even on the same PLANET.  That is because we have 3 different generations — Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Generation Y — with 3 VERY different ideas of what it means to be a professional, all comprising one workforce.  Ten years ago, people typed up a letter of resignation. Today, people text their resignation. We live in a world where people communicate in 140 characters or less. The workforce has changed, and you have to keep up with the times.   Assertiveness Skills for Managers will show you how to do that and communicate clearly with EVERY generation. 


Insanity Saving Component #4  The Bureaucratic Laxative for Companies Suffering from Corporate Constipation  Lets be honest.  "Change" is a 4 letter word in many companies — and with a lot of people.  You have heard it said that you cant teach an old dog new tricks.  But that is not true. Assertiveness Skills for Managers will show you how t people can ALWAYS change — even if they have been misbehaving and getting away with it since 8 track tapes and avocado colored appliances were cool.


Insanity Saving Component #5 The Assertiveness Skills for Managers study guide to follow along with the DVDs and take notes.  This is a perfect reference you will be accessing throughout your management career whenever you need a "refresher" on these secrets.


Insanity Saving Component #6   Your Guided Tour To Use Your System to Get Rapid Results This is your 'Fast Start' that focuses how to implement and get the most out of this powerful management system.  This also covers how you can quickly and easily get started with Assertiveness Skills for Managers so you can start seeing instant results, and gain HUGE momentum that will create a SEISMIC  change in peoples attitudes towards you.


When Assertiveness Skills for Managers arrives at your doorstep and you flip through the DVDs, you will realize all the HOURS of time Assertiveness Skills for Managers will save you, along with the days of "false starts" and YEARS of trial, error and testing you will not have to endure.

You will be amazed at the power of these unusual yet proven methods to virtually transform your career from "good" to meteoric growth and extraordinary success at blinding speed. 
Imagine coming to work every day in peace. No drama. No disrespect. No manipulative, backbiting, backstabbing, dysfunctional behavior.  No fires to put out, no whining.  Just one tightly knit team working together like a well-oiled machine.



You're the BOSS, not the BABYSITTER!

You'll Discover the Following Jealously Guarded Secrets Other Managers NEVER Know That will Summon Peace, Cooperation, and a Surge of Productivity in Your Team:     

A new, breakthrough approach to gossip...even if they are usually resistant to normal techniques.    


My Famous "5 Word Response" that works for all those people that challenge your authority.  This is THE breakthrough for total control of a healthy, positive, and nurturing work environment. The 5 words are so "MAGICALLY" POWERFUL that they are worth the price of the entire course, because they have saved jobs, businesses, marriages. One woman in Fort Worth swears these 5 words kept her from committing suicide.


"Confessions of a Nearly 30 Year Management Veteran": I reveal why so many of your Come To Jesus conversations with employees are wasted, and how to stop being a management victim once and for all (if you have ever made the mistake of hiring a high priced consultant ... or are about to ... then you need to read this).


Power Phrases that will allow you to instantly communicate your expectations and make you sleep better at night. 


Quick Tips you can implement right away that will summon an immediate paradigm shift in your company.


Amazing Techniques that save you a fortune by turning around employees you would have otherwise lost.  SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) estimates it will cost you $3,500 to lose one employee. The techniques you will learn in Assertiveness Skills for Managers will save you so much, it is almost like stealing the keys to Fort Knox.  

And LOTS of Examples from Top Managers Covering: how to handle direct challenges to your authority — including Ambush, Arguing, Backtalk, Back stabbing, Bad Attitudes, Bullying, Challenging your authority, Defiance, Disrespect for your authority, Drama, Gossiping, Manipulation, Mutinies, Revenge, Sabotage, Sarcasm, Threats, as well as Ultimatums, Violating personal boundaries, and Whining using up-to-date advanced strategies.


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Comprehensive management courses like Assertiveness Skills for Managers can cost $1,997 - $3,997 and none can hold a candle to this course. 
You could certainly spend $10,000 or more having a consultant help you turn around just one employee in your company. 
Instead of being dependent on others who do not know the intricacies and details of your business or do not intimately understand your employees, you can be fully empowered to implement these truly great techniques for yourself.
When you take action and add the Assertiveness Skills for Managers Course to your cart, you will not have to pay $2,000 or $1,000. 
It frustrates us to see you shoveled outdated, antiquated, tired old techniques when you need REAL help.   So that is why we put together this Course of "what works now" so you can take action and profit.


So as you can see, we have another reason for making this available to you and if you act right now, you can try out my new Assertiveness Skills for Managers for only $997.  You can try the new Assertiveness Skills for Managers Course for ONLY $1.00 for 30 days.


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After the 30 days, you will be conveniently billed $497 (That is 50% off the retail price of $997 that the public will pay) for this program ... unless you decide to return it.

If you apply yourself, follow my suggestions, and use just one of the ready-to-go tools in this Course, the additional benefit you will get will easily give you thousands of times return on your meager investment. 
Seriously, how many employees do you need to turnaround to make back your investment since it will cost you at least $3,500 to lose just one employee.


This Limited Time Offer will Disappear Soon

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Try Assertiveness Skills for Managers for ONLY $1! 


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There is Even A Remarkably Generous DOUBLE GUARANTEE:

Your First Guarantee:  You have a full month to examine everything, use what you wish, and if you are not completely satisfied, send it back and you will have only spent a single questions asked.   You do not need a "my dog ate my homework" story.  No questions, no hassle, no fine print.  Incidentally, we are devoted to helping managers, and working with satisfied customers.  If you are not going to benefit from the course, we would prefer you send it back.
Your Second Guarantee:  If you keep the course after a month, we will ride along with you for another 11 months and if, after a full year, you can show us proof that you have used at least one strategy, or tool from the course, and you can look us in the eye on paper and tell us that you did not get your money's worth.  We will still give you a full refund and you will have only spent a single dollar questions asked.
What that means to you is this: there is no way you can make a mistake.  You will know very quickly you have made a spectacular investment AND you will keep profiting month after month, year after year.
Believe me, this will never wind up buried on a back shelf, maybe fondly remembered.  This is a resource you will return to again and again and again and see it pay dividends every time.

Now Maybe You are Asking Yourself ... "Should I Invest In This Now?"
You simply cannot survive or grow without learning, that is a fact.  You will never have security and peace of mind if you cannot confidently and affordably get people to respect your authority and do what you want them to do.

That is why most managers cannot, will not, or do not approach their business and their management needs in an organized manner that it is essential for gaining the competitive edge.
Why? Because they have no system.  And that is where Assertiveness Skills for Managers comes in.  It eliminates the Drama, Drama, Drama.  The very things that most managers avoid like the plague when facing difficult employee conversations.
Now I am sure you could come up with lots of reasons to wait.  Everybody's instinct is to stop short of pulling out his or her credit card to spend money.  Especially now.  You are probably no exception.


But the $1 special offer will expire soon and everyone will have to pay the full retail price of $997.00 just to get their hands on this spectacular program afterwards  — NO EXCEPTIONS.


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Simply put, it is getting tougher and tougher to find good highly quality people to hire — so you need to get everyone to work together like a team, instead of like children fighting over the remote control.
You urgently need different and superior strategies and tools to cut through the clutter.  To rise above the weak managers who continue to flap around like a fish out of water.  
Now is The Time To Get Your Employees to Respect You, Trust You And Listen to You, Even If They Are Resisting Everyone Else
We know that when you take action today by ordering Assertiveness Skills for Managers, you will be thrilled with the results.



  •  If you are currently beholden to your employees

  • If you have felt the adverse impact of the declining work ethic

  • If you are feeling a bit bewildered why what was working for you a few years ago is no longer producing good results today

  • If you are frustrated or fatigued or worried ... and working like a dog more than 50 hours/week

  • If you are stuck with "pain-in-the-butt" people that suck the life out of you 

  • If you are already doing really, really well in your management style and are just looking for some extra strategies 

  • If you are looking to add the same tools to your arsenal that have produced INSTANT results for other managers ...

... then you NEED Assertiveness Skills for Managers.
When Assertiveness Skills for Managers arrives at your doorstep and you watch the DVDs, you will start to get excited.
You will see all the samples and examples of successful techniques, and you will realize how easy it will be to use these to get people to do exactly what you want them to do ... exactly the way you want it done.

Understanding why people do the things they do will no longer be a mystery. You will have amazing certainty and confidence in your ability to manage, motivate, and inspire others. 
There are far more intelligent ways of managing than the "Stone Age" methods that most managers have been used to.  Are these the methods you currently use?  Is this the reason you do not have the well-oiled, smooth running machine you want?
In Assertiveness Skills for Managers, you will be introduced to an entirely new style that will bring you astonishing results.

This is a good, sound and important investment you need to make right now.  Do not procrastinate. Do not wait.  Get
Assertiveness Skills for Managers right now while its still hot on your mind.

Yes Glenn! I'm Ready to Start Getting the Respect I Deserve! 

I Know I'll Be Getting a Complete System You Spent 30 Years Developing, Including Strategies that Have Been Successfully Implemented by Thousands Of Different Clients That Have Seen Stellar Results Almost Immediately. 

Rush-Ship Me My Assertiveness Skills for Managers Course


I realize that I cannot survive and grow without keeping up with the changing workforce.  I also realize I will never have security and peace of mind if I cannot confidently and affordably get people to respect my authority and do what I tell them to do. I realize I am getting a System that will allow me to accomplish this in an organized and disciplined manner so I can achieve more success than ever before.


  • I also realize my life is about to get a lot easier, stress free, and fun now that I will be able to instantly communicate my expectations to my employees and KIDS.  This will allow me to sleep better at night and be "mentally present" with family and friends without worrying about work.           

  •  I also realize I am getting Power-Phrases, Responses, and Comebacks that are already 85% "done for me" so I can set and communicate boundaries so clear that people will not even THINK about challenging them.  This will save me tons of time trying to piecemeal it all together without any direction.  All I have to do is effortlessly "move" these power phrases into my vocabulary — thus saving me time, money and headaches.  I also understand that I can use these same techniques with my kids and make my home life a lot easier, stress free, and fun.

  • I know that I have a whole 365 days to implement Assertiveness Skills for Managers in my business and witness an epic change in my company's culture and people's attitudes. So there is no way I am making a mistake by taking action now.


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Get ready to make your life easier and your job more rewarding than ever before.  Here is your chance.

To your success,
Glenn Shepard

Glenn Shepard   


P.S.  Let's face it:  The next 5 years are going to go by anyway.  Are you going to spend those 5 years complaining about the declining work ethic and the lack of respect in the workforce today?  Or are you going to spend the next 5 years earning the respect you deserve by using techniques many Elite Leaders have implemented in their businesses? You will be on your way to developing a systematic, efficient, and affordable method to eliminating behavioral problems and getting people to work like together a team when you order Assertiveness Skills for Managers today.
P.P.S.  Imagine a life where you do not have to worry about babysitting employees.  A life where you are able to tell people what you want them to do and then sit back and relax while they do it, while other managers are struggling to get their employees to work together. These tools have worked for thousands of managers, and have been helping small businesses cut the fat out of their organizations. 
Take action now and you could be one of those thrilled with the results.
Listen: I know the Assertiveness Skills for Managers Course is going to have a huge impact on your business.  You will be able to forever get rid of the evils of management like trying to figure people out, get them to "play nice",  and treat each other with respect.  And you will get to try Assertiveness Skills for Managers for only $1.00 when you take action today on this Web-deal Only offer.  So take action right now before this comes down. You probably have been taught to buy management books, take courses, and go to seminars to bolster your business. The best investment you will ever make is in yourself, but I am not asking you to invest anything. I'm going to give you this entire program to try for just $1.00! No catches hidden fees ...but the entire program for one measly little buck! You will then have 30 days to discover the secrets of success that thousands of others have used before having to invest another penny in this program.


Do not hesitate... get this program now. You will not be disappointed.


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